About Cody

Cody was born and mostly raised in Marion, Illinois. She attended the prestigious Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy at 14 and went on to graduate with her Bachelors in Communications from the University of Illinois at 22 on a full-ride scholarship. While working at Hooters in college, she was discovered by Playboy and began a career in modeling. As soon as she graduated from college she packed up everything she could fit in her bright blue mazda 3 and drove out to Hollywood with her little dog Cheetoh to pursue a career in entertainment.

After couch surfing for longer than probably deemed appropriate, getting robbed in broad daylight, and all sorts of crazy mishaps, Cody has hammered out her way in Hollywood making a name for herself as she goes (no sexual innuendo intended).

She is best known for her work in The Neon Demon as an actress, but you can also catch her playing the trumpet the I'm Yours Herb Albert msuic video, riding a motorcycle in Nation's Fire, stunt doubling for a kid on Geo Disaster, performing in Reservoir Bitches at the Tres Stage theatre, and behind the microphone at the Comedy Store making jokes.